Sunday, December 8, 2013

Brisbane Escorts - Lovely Companions for the Christmas Holidays

If you are one of those bachelors who likes spending Christmas and the Holidays with a sensual companion, then you are in for a real treat. The sexiest Brisbane escorts can give you your much awaited erotic experiences. You will feel relaxed and satisfied after an hour or two with these sexy escort girls.

December is a sign that another year had gone and another one will come. Thank you for showing your support to our Brisbane escort girls.

Merry Christmas from Private Brisbane Escorts!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Spend a Beautiful Holiday in Brisbane and Get Smitten by Appealing Brisbane Escorts

Brisbane is a big bowl of wonderful views and appears to be an advancing metropolis like any other Australian urban centers. Fall in love with what the city can give to its locals and foreign visitors. With its kaleidoscope of colorful destinations, eye-catching festivals and countless fascinating things about Brisbane, it arouses the minds and hearts of the people.

Jasmine Jaro - the Empress
If you love exploring, a soothing stay in Brisbane is a good option; a chance to uncover different and adrenaline pumping venture that only this place can grant. What adds up with the building excitement within is being with a gorgeous companion. Brisbane has the most sexy ladies any men will drool over and these are the pretty Brisbane escorts that iginites the passion in every man. 

These fairly maidens aren't ordinary girls for most are a solid package of infinite and attractive charisma. They are well gifted with style, charm, professionally charming. These ladies are best for single gentlemen and as well as lone debonaires that are searching for dates in any occasions. 

Having the company of these lovely sirens unquestionably inflames the sexual interest of men. They are professional on providing the nicest of adult entertainment. They accommodate each single man’s extraordinary carnal dreams guaranteeing that they satiate their lustful thirst which is able to thrill more their minds. These women have unlimited nasty secrets concealed in their sleeves that will truly bring mind blowing surprises.

Furthermore, any man can bring these ladies anywhere the beautiful city of Brisbane. These ladyloves could in fact be your guide whenever you tour within the metro and its neighbouring places. Brisbane offers numerous extraordinary places to partake in sightseeing, both within the city and outside its borders. More exciting activities awaits for many tourists like for example in the National zoo, Street theatre and lots to reveal.

Make the very best of your stay when you wind off in the magnificent city of Brisbane. With the company of the charming and sexy Brisbane escorts, you are warranted for perfect memoirs to keep. Visit our gallery now for the best escorts in Brisbane

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Conclusion: An Escort Erotic Story - My Experience as an Escort

To continue our previous post, Clara had never had this much fun in sex and she’s not even supposed to love her partner. Paying for sex is considered a taboo but Clara is defying all odds to continue her college dreams even when she has to become Brisbane escort

Clara is so turned on with her client - Patrick, which she’s already dripping from the hotness and the erotic craving.

I was holding his bulging shaft while she was kissing me. I could feel it throbbing despite the layers of clothing; it was like seeing through a cage of a huge monster. I could feel him gasp with every stroke I make; I myself, am anticipating to release the monster and devour its every essence. All the frustrations, the stress and disappointments all came in to me and I poured it out with what’s in front of me.

“Stop.” I held his feisty hand and looked at me with a puzzled expression.

I smiled at him and saw his face disappear as I knelt down and released the beast that had been praying for release. It was big, it was throbbing and excited to meet my wet mouth. I kissed its tip, feeling every inch of his sensitive skin and licking it down from base to tip. I could hear him moan from all the pleasure he was getting. It was like hearing the song of angels; I never wanted it to stop.

After a good five minutes of licking and sucking, I could feel that he’s ready to come but I don’t want to yet so I invited him for an all-out sex which Patrick instantly agreed. However, he had something naughty in mind before having sex. After we took off all our clothes, he instantly grab hold of my thighs and buried his lips down my pussy. I could feel the tip of his tongue, flicking my clit and alternating it between the walls of my labia. He introduced his finger in the action and I can’t help myself from moaning. It was like a tease that I can’t get enough of, I want him inside me.

In no less than a minute, he put on his condom and buried his shaft on my wet and dripping pussy. This is what I had always been waiting for, the first stroke of pleasure that my mind can’t fathom explain. My eyes were rolling, my legs spread wide for him as he went in on me slowly. His hands were busy cupping my breasts as I lay there, helpless from all the pleasure. I am not sure if he’s having fun but I sure am.

In spite of all the action, I could see his eyes closing and feeling every moment and every hump he makes. While I was spasming from the multiple orgasms, he was just getting started. He flipped me to doggy to attain maximum penetration and that’s what it totally did. All of his hard cock was buried inside me but in a faster, rougher entry. My juices were quickly dripping in between my legs, the physical manifestation of how much fun we’re having.

We switched position again to forking. His hips was intersecting against mine while I lay on my side, spreading one leg on the air. His cock was deep, it was in but different from doggy. The shape of his cock touched something inside me that set me off the edge. A few thrusts made me orgasm and I could sense that he’s almost at the point of no return. Faster and faster, he went in deeper and deeper until he made a loud moan and spilled his cum inside my pussy which he quickly pulled out. I never saw Patrick smile like the way he did after orgasm. For the remaining time of the meeting, we lay on each other’s arms and talked about our lives. I told him about myself and how I dream to graduate college one day but I quickly ended it to avoid getting awkward. It wasn’t my first time to have sex but it was definitely an intense sexual experience that I would consider a first-time in my life.

If you want to experience how hot and horny escorts in Brisbane are in bed, take a quick look in our gallery and find the “Clara” that you had been fantasizing about.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

An Erotic Story: My First Time Experience as an Escort

First times are always a thing that we all remember. The first time you bought your own carx, the first house and even the first time you lost your virginity. My name is Clara (not my real name) and I am a private escort in Australia. I am a normal girl with an extraordinary job as an escort. I am currently pushing myself through college with the financial help that I get from being in the industry and I must say that I am having a great time because of it.

There isn’t much about my personal life; I am your average girl next door with a flair for excitement and fun. I wasn’t a popular kid in high school. I was always the wallflower, the shy type girl with blue eyes and long dark hair. In my younger years, I know in myself that there was something in me that lie sleeping, a temptress and a vixen.

When I graduated high school, I felt the freedom that came with it. I love my parents but I just couldn’t wait to go to college and realize my dreams. But independence has a hard price to pay; I had to work two jobs on top of my college class to get me through a semester. I was persistent to stay in college no matter what.

My desperation led me to the escorting industry. Personally, I highly discourage young women to get into this business but I needed a job that was flexible and earned a lot and voila here I am today. I know you are asking how my first time in the business went so here it goes:

Looking at the bright side of things, as much as possible, I kept my hopes up for a job online to help me through college until one day I stumbled upon an escort ad. My imaginations have gone wild and I actually thought I could do this. I don’t have any ideas why I quickly emailed the website inquiring about being an escort. After a couple of days considering the possibilities and a number of emails, I signed up for it.

I did my research, I watched documentaries, I learned several techniques and I touched myself in the process. With all the erotic content that is in front of you, who wouldn’t be turned on with it. But that is what set me apart, I had always been open about my sexuality and have always been open to new ideas especially when it comes to sex.

I got a call from the agency saying that I should come to their office. What’s great about it is that you get to do minimal paperwork which I have always hated. When I started, I just showed up for a screening with a recent medical certificate and a couple of photos. Luckily, I was good enough to be a courtesan.

I was deeply nervous yet excited about this new job but I never told anybody about it, even my closest friends. I know that the next time my phone rings, it was going to be the agency calling me up for a client and after a couple of days, which is exactly what happened.

I got a call from the agency about the details for my appointment. From what I could make out during the call, my client is a businessman from the United States; his name is Patrick Williams and we are going to meet at his private hotel room downtown tonight. I felt nervous and pleased to hear that someone actually finds me attractive.

I kept thinking about it the whole day as I made my lunch, as I attended class and as I was getting ready for the appointment. I put on my recently-bought lacey lingerie, condoms, lubes and even a dildo just in case things go quite unplanned (I thought it can be a great self-defense weapon). Preoccupied with anxieties and comforting thoughts, I hardly noticed that I was knocking on his hotel room.

To my surprise, he wasn’t the man that I have always been expecting. Patrick was tall, a bit hunky with dark hair and green eyes. If I hadn’t known, I would’ve thought of him to be a model. He was polite yet his voice had a sense of control and somewhat power. Wearing only a pair of pants, he greeted me with a smile. I never thought I would have such a client in this kind of industry.

I must admit that I was really and intensely nervous but as what I am, I thought of everything to be a blind date and baby, I just hit the jackpot. He invited me in for a seat and a glass of red wine. I felt comfortable and I could feel that he is having a great time with me as well. My ego went up a notch knowing that I can actually make a man comfortable with me even though I was almost melting in my seat with nerves.

We talked about lots of things until we found ourselves talking about sex. The both of us felt that it was time for the big event. He leaned over me until I could only focus on his juicy lips. He gave me the most amazing french kiss that I have never in my whole life tasted and naturally I kissed him back. He was right on top of me, kissing my neck and running his right hand down my back with his left hand on my hair. He found his way to my breasts and firmly cupped them. I could feel that I was beginning to get turned on with it.

He touched my legs while holding one of my breasts and carefully opened them to my sweet little spot and by that time, I was already dripping. I felt my body betray me for being so turned on yet, it was quite amazing. Patrick really is a natural lover. I could sense that he was also turned on. I could feel his hardness even while wearing his pants and what a great feeling it is.
We know you want to hear the rest of the story. Find out the pleasure that Clara experienced on her first time out as an escort. Meanwhile, you can take a quick view of more Brisbane escorts in our gallery.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hot Escort in Brisbane Photos to Tickle your Fantasies

Layla Leons

Christine McQueen

Champagne Dior

Gloria Van Vaulker

Katy Hot


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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Best Queensland Escort at your Fingertips

Queensland is more than its fun beaches and activities. There is something more to the state in ways you could never imagine. Queensland is one of the biggest states with a number of elite escorts in Australia. You would love to hear that these ladies are now available for your inquiries and bookings of their services. Before you choose an escort girl online, view our videos first.

To help you choose the best lady for your time in Queensland, you can choose between our Elite Brisbane escorts or the Hottest Gold Coast Escorts on our website.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Private Girls Australia in a Nutshell - The Best Escort Website in Australia

Being one of the best directories for clients looking for high class escort girls in every state of Australia, Private Girls had made a name in the escorting industry. In each Australian territory, we can give you the profiles of each high class escort both local and touring the city. We have all the information you need when making your bookings. By visiting our site, you can view an escort’s touring dates, services and hourly rates, even additional photos of a specific escort girl. All the information that you find on our website are 100% verified by our webmasters to ensure your satisfaction in each of the girls.

Private Girls Australia with the Best Elite Escorts

In contrast to what most people think, Private Girls Australia is not an agency. What we simply do on our website is feature the best escorts in the industry. Through our online efforts, our partnered independent escorts can reach out to more clients online. We contribute to their client rosters through exposing them to a number of interested gentlemen online.

We carefully screen all the escort girls that appear on our gallery. Their photos are verified through simple steps and even their contact details. We create a professional relationship with our escorts by providing them the best adult website for their escorting business. We make sure that each escort is genuine, offering legitimate escort service.

We monitor feedback from their clients about their services and even post reviews on each of the girl’s pages. We will assess each escort depending on the reviews that we get. If one escort receives more than usual number of bad reviews or having malicious intentions on clients, we will have the option to remove that particular girl. As you maintain a professional relationship with your clients and provide excellent service, it’s not something that you should be worried about.

Best Adult Website in Australia

In the last Australian Adult Industry Awards in Melbourne, Private Girls Australia emerged victorious as Best Adult Website for 2013! This signals another year of achievement for the Private Girls’ team and independent escorts under its wing, with more clients and improvements on the service.

Our escorts are even nominated for best independent escorts from the same award-giving body. Christine McQueen won this year’s best escort of the year and we are proud of her. Among our many escorts that have been nominated are Arianny Koda, Jasmine Jaro, Spicy Cayenne, Lara Belle, Mia Monroe and many more. You can view more of our girls in our escort in Brisbane gallery or our main private girl’s website. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex in Six Easy Steps

When approached correctly, anal sex can be a pleasurable, sensual and purely erotic sex act with your partner. For beginners, anal sex can be scary and intimidating but if you are willing to please your partner and your sex, then why not try giving in to your curiosity? You don’t really have to force yourself into something you don’t want or you are uncomfortable with, if you are not a fan of anal, then don’t do it.

Some people might think that going back door, especially for men can sound “gay” or “unmanly” but with the amount of nerve-endings down there, it sure will give you a different sensation and intense orgasms that you had never imagined. For men and women who are open to their kinky side, here is a guide for beginners when it comes to anal sex.

  1. Clean yourself up before having anal. Delving right into anal without the right preparation can be a devastating (but mostly embarrassing) experience so we advise you to clean up of any poop that’s down there. Some couples even go as far as not eating for a day to reduce the amount of by-products down there. You can use anal douches and fill them up with lukewarm water and wash your anus until you’re clear to go.
  2. Always use lubrication. At all times, anal sex should require a fair amount of lube. Your anus does not produce natural lubrication unlike your vagina. It helps ease your muscles and makes you be comfortable with all the penetration. We recommend you use a gel-based lube to help cushion your ass and make it a little bit slippery.
  3. Experiment with butt plugs. Anal sex can sometimes be uncomfortable especially for the inexperienced but this can all be answered if you are a little creative with butt plugs. It helps you ease up your muscles and getting them accustomed to the stretching it’s going to face with a real penis. Try plugs that range from small to large girths to allow yourself to adjust to the stretching. You don’t need to force your ass to go as wide as it can. If it doesn’t fit, you can try again until you find it more comfortable.
  4. Relax, take it easy and be horny. Anal not only requires physical preparations but also your mentality. Relaxing your anal muscles can help you take in as much force from your partner as you can. You don’t want your ass to clamp up in a shell while he’s in there. It’s also pretty uncomfortable and even painful if you are nervous or anxious. Try taking in a couple of red wine or champagne to set your mood.
  5. Go as slow as you can. If you are going slow enough, move slower. As we always say, anal sex is not for everyone. It can take a lot of time for you to get accustomed to the new sensations and comforts while being penetrated down your ass. As you grow more comfortable with it, you can experiment on different positions with your partner to maximize your anal experience.
  6. Anal-to-vaginal penetration is a no-no. Never alternate between anal to vaginal without washing your penis or toy or changing condoms. There may be bacteria from your ass that you don’t want in your vagina and can cause harmful infections.

Anal sex is oftentimes misunderstood but if done correctly it can be a wonderful addition to your sex life. If you want to experience what a sensual anal feels like, you can check out our girls with anal services on or Queensland, Brisbane escort site.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Delight in Elite Escorts touring in Brisbane!

Brisbane, being Queensland’s capital and bustling centre of commerce in the state, is home to many local and touring escorts. Touring escorts in the city are mainly from Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, extending their services to their lovers and friends (with benefits) in the metropolis.
Feel free to choose an escort of your choice or get to know each escort that is available.
This post features this month’s best escorts to visit the city:

Kristal Leigh

Brisbane Tour Escort
Kristal is a new private escort from Sydney. She is a hot green-eyed blonde with a great, voluptuous body. Kristal is now touring Brisbane on the 5th to the 6th of August. She will also be available in Melbourne in the following days.

Anastasia Bellx
Touring Escort

Coming from Eastern Europe, Anastasia is now available for bookings in Brisbane on the 23rd to the 26th of August. Let her blonde hair and sexy body seduce you like you have never been before.

Isabella Grace

Model Escort in Brisbane
Isabella is now visiting Brisbane with all the love and passion that you could ever want in a woman. Make your bookings on the 23rd to the 26th of August and experience what real lust and raunchiness is.

Amina Azeri
Blonde Escort in Brisbane

Adelaide’s newest escort is now touring Brisbane for the first time. Amina is a European brunette with good looks and passion for companionship. You can book her on the 31st of August to the 4th of September.

Sabrina Sky
High Class Escort

Sabrina Sky is a high class Sydney escort and is well-reviewed in the Private Girls’ gallery. You can experience her love in Brisbane on the 19th to the 15th of August.

Honey Adams

Wet Lovely Escort in Brisbane
Sex had never been this fun with a raunchy and hot girl. Honey Adams will make all your erotic fantasies come true. She is visiting Brisbane on the 8th to the 9th of August for your bookings.

Arianny Koda
Yummy Escort

Melbourne’s finest Asian escort and nominated for Best escort of the year is Arianny Koda. She is now bringing the ultimate passion and satisfaction from an Asian lady to Brisbane on the 22nd to the 24th of August.

Danielle Bardoux
Brisbane Top Escort

Sydney’s newest in demand escort is now in Brisbane for an intimate time with her clients. Danielle is visiting the city on the 3rd to the 7th of August for bookings.

Gorgeous Escort in Brisbane

Natalia would love to hear from her lovers in Brisbane. She will be available for bookings in the city from the 6th to the 7th of August. Make your hours with her count!

Valery Summer
Most Available Sexy Escort in Brisbane

Valery is going to make your Brisbane visits even hotter! From the 27th to the 30th of August, you will have the opportunity to meet this daring porn star escort in Brisbane.

You will notice that most of these escorts had edited their photos to conceal their identity and privacy. See these Brisbane escort girls that are touring around the city. To view more girls, access our main escort in Brisbane site. C