Wednesday, May 29, 2013

6 Ingredients that you can Use in an Erotic Food Fight

There will be times in a sexual relationship where in everything gets boring and this will then lead to problems and other issues concerning the quality of intimacy that the both of you are experiencing. If you are looking for ways to spice up your intimacy with your man or woman, an erotic food fight might be helpful as long as she is in for the treat as well. To help you with your dilemmas, here are the treats that you can use in the bedroom:
  • Champagne. You can start off your play time by indulging in champagne but not to the point that you’ll drench your sheets, just enough to get his/her senses tingling. Then you can lick it on all his/her intimate body parts. For the women out there, champagne bubbles on his penis is painful; enough said.
  • Breath Mints. For oral sex afficionados, you can greatly pleasure your woman by sucking on minty breath mints. Furthermore, you can use it to roll over the clitoris to give her cold sensations. There may be some mints in the market that are too strong for your woman; proceed with caution.
  • The Classic Chocolate Sauce. This is probably the first thing that comes into mind when you say “erotic food fight”. To lighten up things, you can brush each other with chocolate sauce and draw a map and journey to pleasurable spots in your body. You can put more sauce on parts that you want him/her to focus on. Just like champagne, make sure that your sheets are not drenched with chocolate sauce.
  • Fruit flavored gummy candies but not the actual gum. If it would clear up, no gum at all e.g. fruitellas. You can get any flavors from oranges, lemon, grapefruit, strawberry, etc and rub it on her neck, chest or lips. The rule is to make sure there are no sticky residues remaining on his/her skin.
  • Ice and Hot Water. Hot and cold sensations are all about pleasuring your body. Oral sex with your partner would be more than just fantastic with hot and cold. Drink slightly heated water and give him head then switch to cold; it’ll give him the shivers. Ice on a woman’s nipples is also very pleasurable.
  • Popsicles. Not the intentions that you were thinking since sugar encourages bacteria and may lead to infections. Popsicles are a combination of ice and fruit flavors that can be traced with cold and tongue sensations which can be intensely pleasurable for men and women.

Food fantasies will surely bring back the spice in your relationship, all you need to do is use your imagination and tread with caution. You don’t want to wind up in the emergency room or in the hospital with “awkward” stuff inside or on you. Make the best relationships by being intimate with your partner. 

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