Sunday, June 30, 2013

9 Facts that you Should Know about Condoms

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Going out without a condom on your wallet despite you know that you are getting laid tonight is like going to war without a weapon. Every guy should have it in their pockets in case your wild imaginations in the library, in the office or at school would come true. It helps you keep safe from STD’s/STI’s and prevents unwanted pregnancies; a real lifesaver if you put it in the right perspective. To help you appreciate more of this small pocket rubber, here are some facts about condom that you ought to know:

  • The first modern condom was from Good Year; yes, the tire making company and they were made of real, thick rubber.
  • The first condom was dated back as far as the 1500’s where males would make condoms out of animal intestines and bladders. Some even went as far as making a condom out of metal.
  • Sweden has a “condom ambulance” for those “promising situations”.
  • India’s condom effectivity is failing because of the population’s tiny weiners. That’s not what you would expect from a country that invented the Kama Sutra.
  • Condoms are individually tested (by a machine, in case you might ask) to detect any holes or tears.
  • In the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, 7,000 Olympians used 100,000 free condoms, that’s 14 condoms per Olympian.
  • Magnum Condoms are a marketing strategy to make more men buy it more to boost their ego. Magnum condoms are regular-sized to make you feel good about your size.
  • The term “Scumbag” means a “used condom” in the sixties. Looks like “Scumbag Steve” is now “bad luck brian”.
  • Female condoms were released in 1993 but it hasn’t been a great hit because it is “uncomfortable and difficult to use”.

We should be thankful that our condoms are no longer made from car tires. It is good to know that the most embarrassing thing that you can buy in a convenience or drugstore has also its perks. Make sure to bring your own condoms when seeing Brisbane escorts!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

10 Qualities that make up the Perfect Woman

Every man is searching for the perfect woman. Some people would say that the measure of success is not because of your riches but of the woman you choose to settle with. But let’s face it; nobody is perfect. We try to achieve a quality that in the first place is unachievable but if it were possible, what would the qualities a perfect woman would have? Here are some that I have listed based on my observation:

  1. The perfect woman must look like Emma Watson or Megan fox with curves in the right places i.e. the perfect woman must be super hot.
  2. A perfect woman must have the sexual prowess of a porn star and the sexual charisma of Marilyn Monroe. You have to walk the walk and talk the talk girl.
  3. A perfect woman knows her way in the kitchen. You don’t have to be a five-star chef but you should be able to cook and make sandwiches.
  4. The perfect woman must be a gamer (this one I based on some observations on game forums and on 9gag). She must be able to kick your ass or at least assist you in WoW or HoN.
  5. A perfect woman must be intelligent, witty  and well-opinionated.
  6. This one opposing number 5; a perfect woman must know when to stop talking/nagging when she had already made your point in an argument.
  7. A perfect woman is independent and is able to provide for herself. She must have her own career path and passion that she is willing to share with you.
  8. A perfect woman must know how to fix her own computer.
  9. A Perfect woman knows how to carry herself in front of a crowd and exude her natural beauty.
  10. A perfect woman knows how to take time for herself and reflect on how she wants to run her life.

When you think about it, the perfect woman is a paradox. She has to be perfect on one end of the spectrum and another. The perfect woman is right within your grasp. Find the best escorts in Brisbane and find the right girl for your erotic fantasies.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Feed your Desires and Enjoy Brisbane with Local Asian Escorts

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Asia’s prowess within the modern world can be seen all throughout many economic industries. With countries like Singapore, Japan, Korea and Hongkong under its wing, there is no doubt that Asia is taking the world by storm. But that is not the only thing that Asians are advantageous of. Apart from its social and economic power, Asian women are one of the most adored people all over the western world. That in some case many men have developed fetishes over them.

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One of the most obvious characteristics of Asian women is their submission to each of their partners which is perfect for males that want to be in command when it comes to intercourse. So if you like role playing in bed, we can give you the perfect partners for your getaway.  These ladies would highly oblige your requests and will do even more to give you pleasure. Japanese animation and video games are one of the factors on why more men adore Asian women. Japan and other economic tigers within Asia has heavily impacted the western world with their version of what they think is hot and adoring.

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