Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sex Talk: 7 Tips on how to stimulate a Woman’s Breasts

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Boobs are a primary sexual characteristic. Men have always wanted women with big boobs. For us women, these are just bulges in our chest filled with fat and mammary glands for our young. What others don’t know is that boobs can be a really sensitive especially in sex (and when the weather is cold) and can help in achieving intense orgasms aside from being purely erotic. Even if your partner has an A cup, a man has to do what a man needs to do.

So to help out the innocent and clueless, here are steps and tips on how to stimulate a woman through her sensitive nipples:

  1. Sucking on a woman’s nipples is a great turn on for both sides. Kiss your partner from the neck down to her shoulders, while slowly taking her top off. Here’s the tricky part, unhooking her bra without disturbing the moment. Slowly put your arms around her waist and hug her tightly and pull the hooks from the hangers. There are usually 2 or 3 hooks on standard bras or if you’re lucky enough the hooks will be in front.
  2. Now that you got her topless, kiss the curves of her boobs and slowly move to the areola or the darker parts of her boobs. Make a circular motion around the nipples while touching the other one; feel free to alternate between touching and sucking. Flicking her nipples would also do the trick.
  3. There is also a technique that is really erotic for women. Suck on her areola while flicking your tongue on her nipples. You can do this technique side by side with the circular motion thing mentioned in number two.
  4. While cupping her boobs, try not to grab on too tight. Just like we accidentally grab your balls in a BJ, it also hurts (probably not as much as the ball thing but you get the point). Make it slow, sensual by closing and opening your palms as you do a circular motion with your wrists. To add a little spice, hold her waist first then move up and down softly until you cup her breasts.
  5. Make sure to look at her while you are stimulating her boobs. Bite your lip and show a little enthusiasm through your eyes.
  6. Try to get two things going at once by using your other hand to reach for her intimate parts. Rub her clit but don’t do any fingering yet, just let her in on the tease and get her wet.
  7. Don’t take everything step by step. There are women with different preferences, try to react to her wants in sex. Develop that 6th sense which enables you to understand her body language when it comes to being intimate.

Another tip is not to linger on too much about the breast stimulation stuff. There are other parts of a woman’s body that needs excitation (wink). If you lack experience or want to try this technique, we have the perfect partners for you. Visit our escort in Brisbane gallery or read more of our blogs here.

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