Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex in Six Easy Steps

When approached correctly, anal sex can be a pleasurable, sensual and purely erotic sex act with your partner. For beginners, anal sex can be scary and intimidating but if you are willing to please your partner and your sex, then why not try giving in to your curiosity? You don’t really have to force yourself into something you don’t want or you are uncomfortable with, if you are not a fan of anal, then don’t do it.

Some people might think that going back door, especially for men can sound “gay” or “unmanly” but with the amount of nerve-endings down there, it sure will give you a different sensation and intense orgasms that you had never imagined. For men and women who are open to their kinky side, here is a guide for beginners when it comes to anal sex.

  1. Clean yourself up before having anal. Delving right into anal without the right preparation can be a devastating (but mostly embarrassing) experience so we advise you to clean up of any poop that’s down there. Some couples even go as far as not eating for a day to reduce the amount of by-products down there. You can use anal douches and fill them up with lukewarm water and wash your anus until you’re clear to go.
  2. Always use lubrication. At all times, anal sex should require a fair amount of lube. Your anus does not produce natural lubrication unlike your vagina. It helps ease your muscles and makes you be comfortable with all the penetration. We recommend you use a gel-based lube to help cushion your ass and make it a little bit slippery.
  3. Experiment with butt plugs. Anal sex can sometimes be uncomfortable especially for the inexperienced but this can all be answered if you are a little creative with butt plugs. It helps you ease up your muscles and getting them accustomed to the stretching it’s going to face with a real penis. Try plugs that range from small to large girths to allow yourself to adjust to the stretching. You don’t need to force your ass to go as wide as it can. If it doesn’t fit, you can try again until you find it more comfortable.
  4. Relax, take it easy and be horny. Anal not only requires physical preparations but also your mentality. Relaxing your anal muscles can help you take in as much force from your partner as you can. You don’t want your ass to clamp up in a shell while he’s in there. It’s also pretty uncomfortable and even painful if you are nervous or anxious. Try taking in a couple of red wine or champagne to set your mood.
  5. Go as slow as you can. If you are going slow enough, move slower. As we always say, anal sex is not for everyone. It can take a lot of time for you to get accustomed to the new sensations and comforts while being penetrated down your ass. As you grow more comfortable with it, you can experiment on different positions with your partner to maximize your anal experience.
  6. Anal-to-vaginal penetration is a no-no. Never alternate between anal to vaginal without washing your penis or toy or changing condoms. There may be bacteria from your ass that you don’t want in your vagina and can cause harmful infections.

Anal sex is oftentimes misunderstood but if done correctly it can be a wonderful addition to your sex life. If you want to experience what a sensual anal feels like, you can check out our girls with anal services on or Queensland, Brisbane escort site.

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