Monday, October 21, 2013

An Erotic Story: My First Time Experience as an Escort

First times are always a thing that we all remember. The first time you bought your own carx, the first house and even the first time you lost your virginity. My name is Clara (not my real name) and I am a private escort in Australia. I am a normal girl with an extraordinary job as an escort. I am currently pushing myself through college with the financial help that I get from being in the industry and I must say that I am having a great time because of it.

There isn’t much about my personal life; I am your average girl next door with a flair for excitement and fun. I wasn’t a popular kid in high school. I was always the wallflower, the shy type girl with blue eyes and long dark hair. In my younger years, I know in myself that there was something in me that lie sleeping, a temptress and a vixen.

When I graduated high school, I felt the freedom that came with it. I love my parents but I just couldn’t wait to go to college and realize my dreams. But independence has a hard price to pay; I had to work two jobs on top of my college class to get me through a semester. I was persistent to stay in college no matter what.

My desperation led me to the escorting industry. Personally, I highly discourage young women to get into this business but I needed a job that was flexible and earned a lot and voila here I am today. I know you are asking how my first time in the business went so here it goes:

Looking at the bright side of things, as much as possible, I kept my hopes up for a job online to help me through college until one day I stumbled upon an escort ad. My imaginations have gone wild and I actually thought I could do this. I don’t have any ideas why I quickly emailed the website inquiring about being an escort. After a couple of days considering the possibilities and a number of emails, I signed up for it.

I did my research, I watched documentaries, I learned several techniques and I touched myself in the process. With all the erotic content that is in front of you, who wouldn’t be turned on with it. But that is what set me apart, I had always been open about my sexuality and have always been open to new ideas especially when it comes to sex.

I got a call from the agency saying that I should come to their office. What’s great about it is that you get to do minimal paperwork which I have always hated. When I started, I just showed up for a screening with a recent medical certificate and a couple of photos. Luckily, I was good enough to be a courtesan.

I was deeply nervous yet excited about this new job but I never told anybody about it, even my closest friends. I know that the next time my phone rings, it was going to be the agency calling me up for a client and after a couple of days, which is exactly what happened.

I got a call from the agency about the details for my appointment. From what I could make out during the call, my client is a businessman from the United States; his name is Patrick Williams and we are going to meet at his private hotel room downtown tonight. I felt nervous and pleased to hear that someone actually finds me attractive.

I kept thinking about it the whole day as I made my lunch, as I attended class and as I was getting ready for the appointment. I put on my recently-bought lacey lingerie, condoms, lubes and even a dildo just in case things go quite unplanned (I thought it can be a great self-defense weapon). Preoccupied with anxieties and comforting thoughts, I hardly noticed that I was knocking on his hotel room.

To my surprise, he wasn’t the man that I have always been expecting. Patrick was tall, a bit hunky with dark hair and green eyes. If I hadn’t known, I would’ve thought of him to be a model. He was polite yet his voice had a sense of control and somewhat power. Wearing only a pair of pants, he greeted me with a smile. I never thought I would have such a client in this kind of industry.

I must admit that I was really and intensely nervous but as what I am, I thought of everything to be a blind date and baby, I just hit the jackpot. He invited me in for a seat and a glass of red wine. I felt comfortable and I could feel that he is having a great time with me as well. My ego went up a notch knowing that I can actually make a man comfortable with me even though I was almost melting in my seat with nerves.

We talked about lots of things until we found ourselves talking about sex. The both of us felt that it was time for the big event. He leaned over me until I could only focus on his juicy lips. He gave me the most amazing french kiss that I have never in my whole life tasted and naturally I kissed him back. He was right on top of me, kissing my neck and running his right hand down my back with his left hand on my hair. He found his way to my breasts and firmly cupped them. I could feel that I was beginning to get turned on with it.

He touched my legs while holding one of my breasts and carefully opened them to my sweet little spot and by that time, I was already dripping. I felt my body betray me for being so turned on yet, it was quite amazing. Patrick really is a natural lover. I could sense that he was also turned on. I could feel his hardness even while wearing his pants and what a great feeling it is.
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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