Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Escorts in Brisbane – Hot New Sex Terms for the Intrepid Mind to Contemplate

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Life is a continuous journey filled with lots of lessons. However, many would agree that life ends the minute we stop learning. Thus, each one of us should never stop learning, because there’s no limit to the things that one can learn – whether it’s about the trivial stuff, or if it’s about sex.  So when we talk about sex, don’t believe that you’ll end up being “oversexed", because the human mind doesn’t regress if it learns so much about sex.

KW is an internet site that greatly promotes sexy and luscious women, who continue to learn all they can about sex, so that they can truly satisfy their guys better. If you are wishing for hot, earth-shaking orgasms, these stunning girls can assure you intense pleasure. In the meantime, here are a couple of unique sex terms, for increasing your erotic vocabulary.


The truth is that some individuals are quite uncertain whether they'd prefer to have endless orgasms, or no orgasms at all. Well, if you are "anorgasmic, this means that you do not experience any orgasms at all. This should pose a real concern - because if you do not orgasm, then you're definitely not going to get any form of sexual gratification. It would of course, also mean that you'll be missing out on a huge portion of your life (Although this case occurs more in women, than in men.)

PSAS (Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome)

in many instances, when you hear the words “sexual” and “arousal” together in one sentence or line, you will at first think that  it indicates something enjoyable. But here is where you're wrong, because PSAS is not actually as satisfying as it sounds. This term refers to the unwelcome non-sexual arousal of the clitoris. This means that persons who suffer from PSAS often endure involuntary, non-stop orgasms.


If women have the propensity to have natural clitoral orgasms, men have their own dose of accidental sexual arousal too. In some cases, men have a problem with extended, yet unwelcome, erections. This means that even after having an orgasm, the guy's “boner” is still extremely hard, for longer periods. In some situations, patients end up being wheeled to the emergency room with their shaft still upright and stiff. 


Many of us often allow lewd thoughts to take over our mind, and this is quite normal of course. For example, whenever we think of sexual thoughts, the next thing we know is that we’re already masturbating, and stroking ourselves towards an orgasm. The most common term for this immediate urge to masturbate is "autoeroticism".  Autoeroticism implies the act of sexually arousing yourself, which is quite similar to masturbating.

This sexual term should make a lot of guys and girls smile, but that’s if they’re able to pull it off. The word "Karreza" pertains to an erotic session that literally lasts for, hours, and is similar to tantric sex (although it's a bit longer)

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